• 2017年


  • 回顾2016


  • I just ran 10k and I felt unstoppable

    This really brings great sense of achievement.

  • 21岁了


  • Sick use of technology

    So my abandoned email address was recently spammed with a lot of “invoices” that I did not pay.

  • Why I changed functioning code to accomodate a test

    It took me two months to completely finish the image editor project that I have been really proud of, and I thought the following days would be the most enjoyable moment in the development process: writing some tests, watching those shiny green ticks telling me all the tests passed .. but they didn’t.

  • Front End Engineer at Hootsuite

    I learned so much during my coop at Hootsuite Campaigns UX team. I basically refactored everything behind this website using cutting edge technologies that I learned. Yes, I love learning new technologies and playing with them to see what I can make.

  • Web Developer at OICR

    Working at Ontario Institute for Cancer Research was really a rewarding experience. I really enjoyed working there, and appreciate that the team provided a platform for learning valuable and high quality technologies and experiences. I received an outstanding evaluation, which I am really thankful.

  • Investigating HTML5

    During my coop term at OICR, I had experience investigating the new technologies in HTML5. This article summarizes the aspects that I discovered.

  • Port forwarding: why and how

    If your team has a retired super computer (like a Mac Pro 2009), it could be used as a dedicated server for virtual machines. I’m sure you are like me who prefer running your VM on a server with 8-core Xeon cpu + 16GB RAM, rather than on your laptop which probably already has 90% resources in use.

  • Setting up an Apache Server

    We are all mesmerized when we put an index.html file in the /var/www directory and then get a static page running on localhost, but that’s not everything. How do you install multiple sites with some awesome local names like, or http://sxu.local.? It’s time to say goodbye to http://localhost/site1, http://localhost/site2 etc.

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